Book - Raising Rockers (and the road to Bad Actress)

Book - Raising Rockers (and the road to Bad Actress)

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While three brothers were growing up playing air guitar to some of the world’s biggest rock bands, two close friends not far away were helping each other discover the same kind of music. Inevitably they all ended up working together, inspired by their idols to create their own high-octane show to captivate today’s audiences. That show is emerging hard rock band, BAD ACTRESS.
RAISING ROCKERS is a journal of observations by the father of the brothers as they first discovered and then pursued their passion to produce and perform rock music. It charts their story through childhood, winning a talent show and on to playing in various bands such as their own power trio, Civil Punk, and finally to making up three-fifths of BAD ACTRESS. There are encounters with numerous bands in the live music scene, including a few well-established musicians associated with some big names in the industry.
Colour is added in the form of interviews with some of the many musicians, bookers, promoters and others who worked with, performed with or simply watched the band develop.